Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Peak Performance for Insurance Professionals
Since 1981, Insurance Learning Systems has improved professional performance for businesses around the world.

There is a specific program to enhance the professionalism and performance of virtually every insurance job, including:

Over 95% of ILS training participants rate our courses as "superior to other programs."

ILS Course Content
After two decades of Insurance skills training, Insurance Learning Systems' course content has evolved into some of the most powerful intellectual property in the industry. Developed in partnership with some of the world's most effective corporate training departments, including Prudential, the Aetna Institute, and the AT&T University of Sales Excellence, our workshops and self-study programs are a compendium of Best Practices garnered from highly successful individuals
and organizations.

The power of Insurance Learning Systems' (ILS) training programs has been documented by the top performing insurance companies around the world. From AEtna to Zurich, New York to New Zealand, over 300 companies and tens of thousands of insurance professionals are using ILS skills to improve job performance, achieve personal goals, and contribute to corporate success.

Knowledge is power. But we don't get paid for what we know, we get paid for what we do. ILS courses are designed, first and foremost, to educate and empower, so that learning is evidenced on the job.

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